New tires wear out especially fast. Are there problems in these areas?
2020-01-15 14:31:06

Under normal circumstances, a brand new tire can run 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, or use it for 5 years, which is now recognized as the life of the tire. However, some drivers said that if they changed a new tire, they felt that the mileage would not reach 60,000 kilometers, and the tire would no longer work. New tires wear quickly, and are in fact closely related to vehicle problems. At the same time, the driving habits of the driver will also affect the degree of tire wear.

Different wear conditions reflect different vehicle conditions

There are many kinds of bad wear conditions of a brand-new tire, and these different wear conditions also represent different problems of the vehicle. There are 10 types of tire wear conditions. Xiaobian introduces the three most typical conditions here.

The middle part of the tire tread is severely worn and the two sides of the tire tread are severely worn. These two cases are exactly a pair of positive and negative. The middle part of the tire tread is seriously worn because the tire pressure is too large, which causes the tire to overexpand and the contact area is greatly reduced. Most of the pressure is borne by the middle of the tire, so this happens.

Conversely, severe wear on both sides of the tire also means that the tire pressure is too small and the tire's contact area is too large. Most of the pressure is borne by the tire on both sides. Over time, the wear on both sides of the tire will become very serious.

The third type of wear condition is called alopecia areata. This type of situation may be caused by the problem of vehicle wheel dynamic balance. If the problem of wheel dynamic balance is serious, it will cause the tire to be unevenly loaded at high speeds. Part of the tread area bears most of the pressure. If this situation is further intensified, it will cause the vehicle to bump during the driving process, the steering wheel will become unstable and trembling, and it will easily cause traffic accidents such as vehicle rollover in the later stage. .

The previous article mentioned three typical abnormal tire wear conditions. These three wear conditions respectively represent tire pressure and wheel dynamic balance or front wheel alignment issues. Tire pressure and front wheel positioning are the main causes of excessive tire wear. The problem of tire pressure is as mentioned above. Excessive air pressure will cause serious wear in the middle, and low air pressure will cause serious wear on both sides of the tire.

The front wheel positioning problem has the biggest impact on tire wear conditions, mainly because the camber angle of the front wheel is too large or the front wheel toe, the camber of the front wheel mainly accelerates the wear of the shoulders, that is, partial wear; Wear on the outside.

But this third factor can only be solved by the driver himself, because the third factor is the driver's personal operation. If the driver often uses bad measures such as sudden braking, sharp turns, and high-speed starting when driving, a new tire will naturally wear out. If the driver often drives on bumpy roads like gravel roads, roads on both sides, etc. Waiting, it will cause serious tire wear and even different degrees of tire wear on both sides.